How do I benefit from the enKo Products Power Membership program?

You will receive free product in exchange for an honest review. This will help us improve our customer satisfaction, as well as the products that we offer to our consumers. You may also be eligible for exclusive enKo Products deals.

What are my responsibilities as a enKo Products Power Member?

Once you receive your free enKo Products product, you will need to submit an Amazon Product Review within one week. If you encounter any issues, you should contact customer service for help.

Who is eligible to join the enKo Products Power Member Program?

  • Anyone who resides in the United States.
  • Has an active Amazon account, has an established review history, and can produce quality reviews.
  • Or you may qualify if you run a reputable blog that is approved by enKo Products for review purposes.

enKo Products holds all the rights to granting Power Memberships.

How do I join the enKo Products Power Member Program?

Fill out the application below, and you will receive an email from enKo Products notifying you of eligibility. Keep in mind that your review history will be checked, as this will determine if you are a suitable match for a enKo Products Power Memebership. It is always ideal to approve members who have reviewed products from enKo Products.

What if I do not like the current products that are being offered?

We suggest that you apply now, as it will help you be eligible when new offers are available. We update product review offers every month, but there is no set date for these changes. We cannot set a date for product changes because it will vary upon which products are available and when. Products will only be shipped to you if you request to review them.

How will I know that there are new product offers?

You can check eligibility by checking your member page on our website, or our social media feeds.

How does enKo Products use the information that I provide?

enKo Products works hard to ensure the privacy of all our consumers and Power Members. Your information will never be sold or shared with a third party. It will strictly be used for Power Membership programs, application reviews, and shipping products. You have the right to withdraw from the enKo Products Power Membership program at any time.