800 House Moving Labels Permanent Self Adhesive for Furniture Shipping & Packaging Labels (16 Rolls)

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY – Save time and money with our colorful moving labels. It’ll also instruct movers where to place your boxes, so you know where all your stuff is.
  • QUALITY – Bright color high quality packaging label with colorful printing. Quality strong permanent self adhesive sticky house moving label.
  • SUITABILITY – Now you can mark exactly what is inside each box, with icons for practically every surface in your house and unpack accordingly. Now you can label your tables, chairs, cabinets, everything!
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS –  16 rolls, each roll contains 50 sheets of 1 x 4.5 house moving labels ; 1.6″ Core Diameter.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – enKo Products give 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee. Be fully satisfied with your product – or we will refund your money back.


These labels – best choice for your move. The pack includes 16 color coded rolls, with 50 labels on each roll, that’s a total of 800 moving labels.
This pack includes labels for the following rooms: Master bedroom, Bedroom #2,3,4, Master bathroom, Bathroom #2,3, Kitchen, Utility room, Dining room, Storage (Basement, Attic, Garage), Fragile, Living room, Family room, Garage, Clear label.

Each label says the name of each area, with a high contrast background to enhance readability. Our 800-piece, bright, colorful sticker labels will help you save time, stay organized, and ensure that all your stuff gets placed in the right rooms and places.
Please note, that our house moving labels are permanently self adhesive, so be sure, that label pasted into place. On the other hand there are a lot of labels in roll, so don’t worry.
We promise 2 Year Warranty & 100% Money Back Guarantee by enKo Products for your satisfaction.

Label Specifications:
16 rolls, 50 labels per roll;
Label size: 1” Tall, 4.5” Wide;
Permanent self adhesive, semi-glossy paper;
Bright colors;
Total included in package – 800 labels.


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